Rui-Jie Yew

I am a first-year CS PhD student at Brown University, where I am fortunate to be advised by Suresh Venkatasubramanian. I am also affiliated with the Center for Technological Responsibility (CNTR) and the Data Science Institute (DSI). My research focuses on data regulation and ML liability.

Previously, I graduated from MIT CSAIL with an S.M. in Technology and Policy advised by Dylan Hadfield-Menell. I received a Joint Bachelors in Computer Science and Mathematics from Scripps College and Harvey Mudd College, where I was advised by David Roselli and George Montañez. I have also developed open-source differential privacy software at Google, conducted research within the AI Ethics team at Sony AI, and developed AI policy frameworks at NIST.

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Research and Ongoing Projects
How Data Protection Supports the Architecture of ML Surveillance
Rui-Jie Yew, Lucy Qin, Suresh Venkatasubramanian
Forthcoming at the Privacy Law Scholars Conference, 2024
NeurIPS Workshop on Regulatable ML, 2023
Break It 'Til You Make It: An Exploration of the Ramifications of Copyright Liability Under a Pretraining Paradigm of AI Development
Rui-Jie Yew
ACM Symposium on Computer Science and Law, 2024
Poster at WeRobot, 2023
A version of this work appeared at the ICML Workshop on Generative AI and Law, 2023 **Spotlight Presentation** (with Dylan Hadfield-Menell)
Where did you learn that?: Tracing the Impact of Training Data with Diffusion Model Ensembles
Zheng Dai, Rui-Jie Yew, David K. Gifford
NeurIPS Workshop on Regulatable ML, 2023
Measuring the Success of Diffusion Models at Imitating Human Artists
Stephen Casper*, Carl Guo*, Shreya Mogulothu, Chinmay Deshpande, Rui-Jie Yew, Zheng Dai, Dylan Hadfield-Menell
ICML Workshop on Generative AI and Law, 2023 **Spotlight Presentation**
A Penalty Default Approach to Preemptive Harm Disclosure and Mitigation for AI Systems
Rui-Jie Yew, Dylan Hadfield Menell
Regulating Facial Processing Technologies: Tensions Between Legal and Technical Considerations in the Application of Illinois BIPA
Rui-Jie Yew, Alice Xiang
ACM FAccT, 2022
Ethical Dilemmas in Strategic Games
Pavel Naumov, Rui-Jie Yew
AAAI, 2021

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